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Wellbeing is at the heart of our school life, enabling everyone to thrive and achieve their potential.


'Well Schools'


Our aim is to be a 'Well School'. 


  • A 'Well School' builds everything from the foundations of pupils' wellbeing. We understand that children are more effective learners when they are happy and well.


  • A 'Well School' takes care of our staff as well as our pupils' wellbeing in order to create a culture that allows everyone to reach their potential.


  • A 'Well Culture' is one where there is a strong sense of engagement - all members of the school community work cohesively, guided by a strong sense of purpose, shared values and common goals.



Mental Health


Having a positive mental health is essential to our sense of wellbeing.


As a school, we have recognised the importance positive mental health is for our children and have therefore, welcomed the support and training from a professional group of individuals who have a background in mental health nursing.

The group is called 'Normal Magic'.


Staff training through workshops will help us to understand what positive mental health looks like in young people and how to help them to achieve this.


Our older pupils will become 'Mental Health Ambassadors' and pass on all that they have learnt from 'Normal Magic' to our younger students.


We will be following '10 a Day'.

Working towards positive mental health is for the whole family not just the children.

Our fortnightly newsletter signposts people to support that is available for positive mental health.


Please click on the links below for further information:

Physical Health


Good physical health is essential for our mental health.


At Lady Seaward's, as well as our two sessions of physical education a week, we have a daily physical activity where our older pupils lead the rest of the school in an active dance routine. The children love it and family points are given for those who try their hardest!


We have teamed up with 'Premier Sports' who run a multi-sport after-school club for us. They also teach our Key Stage 2 pupils various sports during a weekly PE session.


We are always looking for more opportunities to enjoy physical activity. You would be most welcome to share some ideas or offer some support!