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R.E  - Statement of Intent 


Our intent is to provide a safe space for young people to develop their understanding of people, cultures, faiths and relationships. 


Through the use of our Religious Education teaching we enable pupils to gain a coherent understanding of religions and worldviews, preparing them for life in twenty-first century Britain. RE is not simply about gaining knowledge and understanding about religions and beliefs. It also helps pupils to develop their own understanding of the world and how to live, in the light of their learning, developing understanding, skills and attitudes. It makes a significant contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, as well as important opportunities for exploring British values.


We celebrate our church school identity by a teaching and learning approach that enables pupils to move from an understanding of biblical texts to an understanding of what the key themes and messages found within have for Christians within the Church and in Christian living, including opportunities for pupils to examine and evaluate connections between these ideas and the wider world. We provide strong links to our local church and clergy, providing a range of opportunities to worship and celebrate together as a community.


Key aims linked to our intent


  • To provoke challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs, the self, issues of right and wrong, and what it means to be human. Developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity, other principal religions, and religious traditions, fostering personal reflection and spiritual development. 

  • To encourage pupils to explore their own beliefs (whether they are religious or non-religious), in the light of what they learn, as they examine issues of religious belief and faith and how these impact on personal, institutional and social ethics; and to express their responses.  

  • To enable pupils to build their sense of identity and belonging, which helps them flourish within their communities and as citizens in a diverse society.  

  • To teach pupils to develop respect for others, including people with different faiths and beliefs, and helps to challenge prejudice. 

  • To prompt pupils to consider their responsibilities to themselves and to others, and to explore how they might contribute to their communities and to wider society; encouraging empathy, generosity and compassion. 

  • To provide increasingly challenging and thought-provoking experiences to encourage spiritual development. 

Religious Education

R.E. is taught in accordance with the Devon Agreed Syllabus and reflects the fact that the religious traditions in the UK are in the main Christian whilst taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principle religions represented in this country.


The approach to teaching R.E. also incorporates teacher led planning adapted from the 'Understanding Christianity' schemes of work. This promotes a sense of questioning within our pupils as well as deepning their understanding of the key teachings of Christianity.


R.E. at Lady Seaward's C of E Primary School is closely linked with PSHE.  Our aim is to develop pupils 'knowledge, understanding and awareness of Christianity and to promote spiritual, moral and cultural development to prepare our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.  We link back to our core Christian Values in the school, chosen by the pupils, frequently.  These values underpin how we treat each other on a daily basis and are found below:


Friendship and Trust

Thankfulness and Joy

Perseverance and Justice

Peace and Forgiveness

Take at look using the link below for more information about RE at Lady Seawards. 

RE Overview