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Lady Seaward’s V A C of E Primary


Our Curriculum intent - Learning through life in all its fullness


Love of learning

  • Children are encouraged to be intellectually inquisitive with the aspiration that our pupils become learners for life.  
  •  Children are encouraged to become ‘reflective learners’ so that they can develop their own preferred learning styles and independence.


Learning fulfillment

  • Our learning topics are relevant and inclusive for all, providing a platform for educational, physical, emotional and social growth.
  • Learning journeys are mapped out so that each child progressively builds a body of knowledge, skills and understanding across core concepts.


Learning friendships

  • Pupils are led to see the shared value of their learning by participating in shared learning pursuits and enrichments which support their local community.
  • Learning opportunities are designed so that pupils can collaborate together, share ideas and develop effective teamwork, enterprise skills and creativity.


Learning opportunities

  • Learning is pitched at a level so that pupils are encouraged to thrive on a sense of challenge and demonstrate perseverance towards individual and shared goals.


  • Pupils are encouraged to take their learning outside the classroom and into the wider school community allowing them to see first-hand the impact of their achievements.


A child's journey at Lady Seaward's will include a rich diverse range of experiences which will enable them to grow as learners as well as feeling a sense of belonging within our school community. We aim to ensure that during their time here they will experience the following:


  • Regular opportunities to share achievements in assemblies such as Learner of the week/ Family point Certificates / Bug Club Reader / Writer of the Week, Lady Seaward's Ethos and Prefect Awards. These will be celebrated alongside those achievements our pupils experience in whole school competitions, festivals and out of school events they partake in.


  • Regular opportunities to contribute towards their learning and be involved in decision-making that affects the whole school through School Council, Parent Forum and Pupil Surveys all focussed around enhancing the educational offer at Lady Seaward's
  • Opportunities for all abilities to represent the school through ethos / art /sporting and musical/dramatic events.


  • A breadth of extra curricular clubs and activities that align to the interests of our children.


  • Additional Workshops ensuring our pupils are  'Healthy Living' and Online/Social media advocates.


  • The opportunity to play a musical instrument and to join our school orchestra or choir and perform to community audiences at our church festivals and community events.


  • Opportunities to collaborate with the local community including our local church, charities, industry groups and parents.


  • The opportunity to be a peer mentor, where older pupils may support younger pupils with reading or at lunchtimes or as a Mental Health Ambassadors.


  • The opportunity to learn about road safety and cycling proficiency within our Bike Ability group


  • Opportunities to learn through practical, hands on, investigative activities including learning such as essential first aid, outdoor art and sculpture, pottery, gardening and cookery.


  • Activities promoting enterprise and leadership such as designing and making products for community events.    
  • Opportunities to collaborate and share their learning with children of all ages in our Lady Seaward's Family Groups


During your child’s time with us, they can expect to experience the following visits and visitors to the school:

  • A residential visit in Year 4 and Year 6.


  • A visit to Parliament as part of our learning about democracy and citizenship


  • Educational visits that are linked to learning.


  • Additional Workshops and guest visits who provide specialist information and learning linked to our learning foci.


  • The opportunity to host and participate in inter school sports/arts/ethos events and tournaments.


  • Planned opportunities to interact with parents through shared learning experiences alongside parents during our curriculum open events



Please now visit our individual subject pages which will provide more in depth and specific information about how learning is organised. These pages will also articulate how the specific intent of each subject is implemented across the curriculum.





Parent guide to the Lady seaward's Curriculum - Parental workshop

Spring Term Reading Theme


This half term's theme for our pleasure read in class is 'Real life experiences'. Each class will have these books out on display linking to this theme and will enjoy sharing these books during our daily class reading time. You could ask your children if they have enjoyed reading any of these in class.

Reading Theme - Spring Term