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Religious Education

Religious Education


The pupils at Lady Seawards Primary School experience Religious Education in a variety of ways. Practical sessions have included acting out the stories of Easter at the Church. The Nativity and Easter Service are an important part of our year at Lady Seawards Primary School with class one taking the lead in performing the Nativity and the whole school play a part in the teaching of the Easter story through the mediums of drama and music which are performed at the church..


Recently, Class 2 learnt about shrines during their learning about Hinduism.


The children listened to Hindu music, breathed in the aroma of incense and used the tea lights to focus spiritually on a place which was meaningful for them and allowed them to connect with their thoughts.


In the photos you will see some children praying, some mirroring gestures they have witnessed Hindus performing at the shrine and other children simply taking a moment to reflect upon their thoughts.