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Absence Reporting and Attendance:


School commences at 8.50 am with the class register opens at 8.40 am and closes at 8.50 am. Pupils arriving after 9.00am should report to the office and are marked as late with the amount of minutes late recorded against the mark.

Your children will receive a “late” mark if they arrive after 8.50am but before 9am. If your child arrives after 9am they will receive a “late after registration closed”.

Parents / Carers are requested to telephone the office on 01392 873629 and leave a message before 9.15 am if their child is going to be absent/late. Please do not leave messages with class teachers. When phoning please note that a reason for absence must be in full i.e. vomiting, temperature, severe cold etc. Please do not leave vague messages i.e. unwell, ill or under the weather as the school office will have to call you back for more information.

Where a child is absent from school and we have not received any verbal or written communication from the parent, then we initiate a first day contact process. Office staff check all class registers between 9.05 am and 9.15 am on a daily basis, to identify those pupils who are absent. If no message is left with the school office we will send a text asking for a call to school to notify and confirm the reason for absence. If there is no response to the text, school will telephone the first name on the contact list. If there is still no response, school will ring other numbers on the contact list, until a reply is received. This is the school’s duty of care and safeguarding for your child.

The Head of Teaching and Learning is unable to approve any holiday in term time unless it is exceptional circumstances. All unauthorised holiday is recorded as this, please be aware that Devon County Councils attendance officer attends the school every half term to monitor the attendance data and will follow up on persistent or extended absence.

School Uniform

Grey skirts and trousers can be purchased from any shop that sells school uniform.

The school sells school v neck jumpers, cardigans, ties, shorts, , PE tops, book bags and caps, all with the school logo. Please make payments via ParentPay and collect from the school office.

We hold a small number of fleece's in stock but these can also be ordered if required.




School Meals


School meals are available each day at Lady Seaward's or children can bring their own packed lunches. 


We offer two hot options each day, one meat and one vegetarian. Jacket potatoes are available each day and also a packed lunch option of a sandwich with salad.


Please see the current menu below and come to the school office if you would like to find out more.