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Our Science curriculum


Our intent is to provide a science curriculum, which encourages our children to become inquisitive about the world in which they live by asking scientific questions and seeking answers. We will importantly seek to equip them with a secure understanding of rich scientific vocabulary so that they will be able communicate effectively their understanding of core scientific principles they discover.


 A core intention is to inspire our pupils to become enquiry-based learners through the development of set investigative skills. As each child progresses their learning through the school, they will acquire a depth of knowledge relating to the scientific laws and concepts that determine and govern our physical and natural world. 


Carrying out investigative science is a crucial part of our teaching and learning approach so that learners are able to experience science in action. Pupils will be encouraged to take growing responsibility of their learning as they progress as scientists with an expectation that they will become evaluative and reflective in their thinking, enabling them to carry out key skills with precision and accuracy. 


Key aims linked to our intent.


  • To develop pupils’ interest and enjoyment of, science. By building on children’s curiosity, the science curriculum will help to instil a positive attitude towards science in pupils. 
  • To ensure pupils have sufficient scientific knowledge to understand both the uses and implications of science, today and in the future. This will also give pupils an appreciation of the changing nature of scientific knowledge. 
  • To develop pupils’ ability to pose questions, investigate these using correct techniques, accurately record their findings using appropriate scientific language and analyse their results. 
  • To help pupils develop the skills of prediction, hypothesising, investigation, observation, measurement, interpretation, communication and evaluation. 


In Science We encourage the children to effectively communicate scientific ideas using scientific vocabulary.  We also encourage the children to develop their understanding of key scientific concepts and skills.  To support this, Science is taught with an emphasis on the children engaging in practical enquiry.


The science curriculum covers fours areas of study:

  • Science Enquiry
  • Life Processes and Living Things
  • Materials and their Properties
  • Physical Processes