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Ethos Team

Meet our 2021-22 Ethos Team!!!

Lady Seaward's were proud to host our first Hub Ethos Day of the year based on the theme of Aspire.


Children completed a number of activities based on the theme of Aspire. Children were tasked with reading some quotes from famous people, including sporting legends and TV presenters and were asked to decided if their quotes represented the term of aspire in a positive way. The children then generated some words based on how they present themselves when they are aspiring to be the best they can be. They used their words to create some art work. 


In the afternoon the children were asked to organise a fundraising event to raise money for the charity Toilet Twinning so all countries can have hygienic toilets with running water. 


We finished off the day with some team building games and ended with a proverb for our thought of the day:


'When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion'. 


Thank you to all schools that joined us for our hub day and for the Lady Seaward's Ethos Team who worked very hard to make everyone feel welcome. 

A warm welcome and huge congratulations to our new Ethos Team who were selected from a number of application forms the children completed to share why they thought they would make a good member of our Ethos Team. 


The children will take on their first Ethos responsibility of running a Hub Ethos Day where we will welcome the Ethos Teams of our fellow Hub Schools to Lady Seaward's to take part in a number of activities based on the value of 'Aspire'.

Ethos Team 2019-20

The Ethos Team 2018-19

The Ethos Team


The Ethos team works alongside Mr Westwood, Reverend Nigel and other practitioners. They support other pupils in the school during Collective Worship and are the pupil voice for Christian distinctiveness in the school. They run the Christian Library, assist in assemblies and attend Federation Ethos Days.


They are deemed ambassadors for Christian distinctiveness in the school and they meet regularly to discuss ways forward for the school. Together, they create prayers, poems and displays which reflect the Christian values of the school.


The Values and Ethos of the School are:


Friendship and Trust

Thankfulness and Joy

Perseverance and Justice

Peace and Forgiveness



Ethos Team minutes 2018-19

Ethos meeting minutes February 2019

Christmas Shoebox Appeal Assembly

Christian Response Christmas Shoebox Appeal Flyer

 40 Days of Kindness through Lent initiative through Lent and on!


The School Ethos Team have initiated a '40 Days of Kindness through Lent and on' across the school for all children to follow. This idea stemmed from the School Ethos day and is now being followed by all pupils across the school. You can see the beautiful artwork canvas created by team and which has now been prominently placed in the school hall further supporting the children is their display of our school values.

Pathway to 40 Days of Kindness through Lent

Lady Seaward's Ethos team held the Central Hub Ethos Day on Friday 9th February 2018. The children from 5 different schools were divided into mixed groups and each group participated in a range of fun and engaging sessions. This was a day that was shared with the entire school with all children participating and showcasing the Christian values of Lady Seaward's. The sessions were based around educating the children about the meaning and significance of Lent as a Christian festival. The activities included a number of different workshops ranging from Music, Cookery and Art all focused around our Big Question “Why is Lent so important to Christians?” The day was ended with a celebration of the children's learning in response to this question at Clyst St George Parish Church.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone involved with the day which was such a huge success. A special thank you to Mrs Gillett and our school ethos team for coordinating this fantastic learning experience.

Central Hub Ethos Day led by Lady Seaward's Ethos team.

Ethos Team at Work

Ethos Team Meeting Minutes:


Lady Seaward's Ethos Day


Lady Seaward's welcomed the Ethos Committees from Chudleigh Knighton and West Cliff schools on Friday 20th October.  The theme of the day was exploring our spirituality through the theme of the Harvest.  Reverend Sid and Mrs Christine Grist from Clyst St George Parish Church joined us for the day.

The children undertook a range of activities, designed to encourage them to think deeper into issues.  Firstly, they made art mosaics from actual food; thinking about the Harvest and where food comes from.  Next, they explored spirituality through yoga by practising a series of yoga moves that used growth, development and the elements as their focus.  Finally, Reverend Sid facilitated a debate on the big question of "Why are there starving people in the world?".  The children discussed where food comes from, how much does a person need to eat, how can we make sure every shares what they have and how can we bring about change.  The children mapped their ideas and decided to write a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to share our food resources.

All in all, the day was a great success.  The children had an enjoyable and fun day, whilst being encouraged to explore their feelings and opinions on a deeper level.

Thanks Chudleigh Knighton and West Cliff for coming along.  See you next time!

Hub Ethos Day at Lady Seaward's

Lady Seaward’s Ethos Team in action

Our School ethos team visited St Peter’s School where they formed part of a panel which had the important responsibility of selecting the official Exeter Dioceses Christmas Card this year. Furthermore, the team also took part in a Federation Ethos debate where the pupils were able to offer their thoughts and opinions on the significance of different school values held amongst First Federation Schools.


Lady Seaward's and Chudleigh Knighton Ethos teams sharing afternoon


On Wednesday 14th September both Lady Seaward's and Chudleigh Knighton's ethos teams spent the afternoon together sharing their understanding of each school's distinctive Christian values. Both teams spent time together at St Paul's Church based in Chudleigh Knighton exploring it's history as well as the different forms of artwork found there. Upon returning to Lady Seaward's the ethos team were then able to share with the rest of the school their learning from this experience as well as a  number of exciting initiatives they have planned for the year ahead which include a whole school prayer book as well as the development of the school garden to include further artwork and reflective spaces for our pupils to visit during the school day. 

Ethos Team Visit to Chudleigh Knighton C of E Primary

Christian Ethos Day, Chudleigh Church

Chudleigh C of E Primary School and Schools from The First Federation worked together as Chudleigh hosted a special ethos day for KS2 children.