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MFL French

We have introduced the study of the French for our chosen language within the MFL curriculum. All of our learners across Key Stage Two have commenced their learning at a shared starting point to ensure that all pupils have a secure knowledge and understanding before moving into more complex aspects as they move through this age range. This will ensure that their learning is being built progressively. This curriculum area is delivered by class teachers with the support of the KAPOW learning resource.  During this study, pupils learning is focussed primarily on developing their oracy, literacy and intellectual understanding of core concepts such as key vocabulary and phraseology, pronunciation, initiating, grammatical rules and conversing. 


Out intention is that through this approach that  pupils will develop an interest and enthusiasm for learning languages as well as establishing an enhanced cultural awareness through studying the language, customs and traditions of French speaking nations.


Importantly, pupils will have acquired key vocabulary and phraseology so that they can communicate simple ideas to one another in both oral conversation and written form. Through our teaching, our children will further develop their communication skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, with an aim of making progress across these different areas in French.