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Parent Focus Group

The Parent Focus Group began in May 2014.


The aim of these meetings are to enable Mr Westwood to informally meet with a small group of parents/carers in order to share information and to also gauge the impact and effectiveness of the workings of the school. The Parent Focus Group will meet half termly to talk about a range of topics. If you would like to attend one of our meetings, please give your name to Mrs Ingarfield in the school office or directly to Mr Westwood. 



Lady Seaward’s Parent Focus Group Meeting - Thursday 15th March 2018 - Reading - developing children's interest, confidence and attainment

Parent Focus Group Meeting - 23.11.17 - Maths: developing children’s interest, confidence and attainment - Parental engagement

Parent Forum - Residential structure and suitability

Parent forum - Communication of learning - 10.10.16