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Week 6 (11.05.2020)

Hello Alps Class! I hope you had a wonderful and sunny Bank Holiday. I was excited to get my sewing machine out and made bunting for the front of my house. We spent along time in the garden and on the allotment and enjoyed a well deserved ice cream! On the allotment we got many lovely visitors from frogs, birds, bees and butterflies to the creature below in the photograph. Do you know what I am holding? Have a wonderful week Alps class. I miss you all and will post another story on the story star too. This week our learning is around pirates. Enjoy ship mates!

Fun pictures to colour on a rainy day! Enjoy!

Daily phonics activities - please continue with these from previous weeks and try the new ones. Please work at your child's own pace. It is a great sign if your child is now writing the tricky words correctly in their own independent writing!

Literacy- This week is pirate week! Have fun with the exciting pirate tasks. If you don't do them you might have to walk the plank! (a little joke - please do what you can!) Monday 11th May- your first task is to write a message in a bottle to the pirates to come and rescue you from the desert island.

Tuesday 12th May- Can you write about your day as a pirate using a simple sentence if in year reception and extended ones if you are in year 1.

Wednesday is reading day. If you are a reception child can you read these sentences to your parent/ carer and blend the letters to read the whole sentences. If you are a Year 1 can you read the comprehension that is at your level and answer the questions. Have fun reading!

Thursday 14th May - Writing time. If you are in reception can you use the pirate images to write simple sentences and try to use a full stop and capital letter. You don't need to do all the pictures if you don't want to. If you are in year 1 please can you choose a picture from the description writing frames and write a paragraph about that pirate. Can you include some of the words at the top and remember your punctuation and finger spaces.

Friday 15th May - role play time. I have loved seeing your videos and photos of the puppets and role plays you have been doing and have had requests for more activities like this. It would be great if you could make your own puppets, or use the ones provided, to make up a story and use the puppets to act it out. Use your imagination and have fun!

Mathematics for the week - Reception children. This week is all about halving. Have fun!

Mathematics for the week - Year 1. This week is all about halves and quarters. Have fun!

Afternoon pirate activities. Please pick one each day to do. This week there are pirate portraits, making pirate equipment, making a pirate map, exciting pirate experiments and helping a pirate to be a good friend. Enjoy!