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Week 5 (1.2.21)

Timetable - week beginning 1st February

Mental Health Week



It’s Children Mental Health Week!

This year's theme is Express Yourself!

As you will agree - Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity.

Why not use our free mindfulness sheets below to help children express themselves!

Click Here for more information about how YogaBugs supports schools.

YogaBugs is giving you some free resources this week to help with expressing emotions and mindfulness:

Paper Dolls for Early Years
Mindful Movement for Year 3 & 4
The Superhero Code for Key Stage 1
Mindful Worksheet for Year 5 &  6

How can YogaBugs help children Express Themselves? Take a look at the video below:


Click Here for more information.

Want to read more…


What are the benefits to the children?

·         Help children deal with their emotions and manage stress & anxiety 

·         Improve children’s concentration

·         Build children’s self esteem

·         Improve children’s behaviour

·         Improve children’s balance, coordination & core strength

·         Children will feel calm & relaxed

·         Children will learn to recognise emotions such as anger and being upset as well as how to deal with them


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Reading - daily

Select in the first instance from your year group. If you are in year 3 and find it too challenging then have a go at year 2. If you are in year 2 and find it too challenging then use your Bug Club log in, read a book and do the quiz.  I collect Bug Club data every Friday.

If you are in year 2 and want more of a challenge have a go at on of the year 3 ones.

Have fun!! 

Geography ( Wednesday)

Work your way through the problems starting with red, then blue then gold. 


Remember that some problems require you to explain your answer, to REASON, which is an important mathematical skill.  I will expect to see full sentences in your reasoning.

Other problems require you to methodically work out your answers using a strategy.  You might need to do multiple calculations - how will you know you have considered all options? Have you worked methodically to ensure you haven't missed anything?


I will be giving direct feedback next week on how you have got on with these.