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Week 5 (04.05.2020)

Spelling Focus for the Week (complete one activity a day)

Please aim to complete a couple of activities a day from the booklet alongside the literacy sessions which continue on from last week's learning.

Literacy Learning for the Week

For this week's Literacy please continue with the 'Talk For Writing' sequence started last week. Complete activities 6-10 (one activity a day). 


In Session 9 (Thursday's lesson) the task is to start planning a portal story. If you need inspiration for a scene for your story you can use the following websites for ideas. Different landscapes or settings are often posted - have a browse and see if anything captures your interest!


I look forward to hearing your finished stories!



Maths Learning for the Week


Monday 4th May

Download the Powerpoint Presentation in the documents section below 'Types of Quadrilaterals'. Revise the different types of quadrilaterals and their properties. (up to slide 10)
Your task - Create your own revision cards on the different shapes and their properties. Get an adult or family member to test you on these or test yourself! You will need to know these well to access the rest of this week's Maths learning.


Tuesday 5th May

Please click the following link for today's lesson.


Click Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April).

Lesson 1 - Angles in special quadrilaterals.
Click 'get the activity'. This will download the learning to your device. Watch the supporting video link. Complete the daily arithmetic at the start of the video.


Wednesday 6th May

Download the 'Regular and Irregular Polygons' document provided below. Revise the different types of Polygons and their properties. 

Your task - Go on a hunt around your home! Find/trace/photograph/draw as many examples as you can of regular and irregular polygons. Label their properties using scrap paper/sticky notes.


Thursday 7th May

Please click the following link for today's lesson.


Click Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April).

Lesson 2 - Angles in regular polygons.


Friday 8th May

Read through the 'Year 6 Properties of Shapes Revision & Practice Booklet' below. Try and tackle as many questions as you can. Use pages 2-8 as revision before tackling the practise questions on page 9-11.