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Week 4 (27.04.2020)

Spelling Focus for the Week (complete one activity a day)

Please aim to complete a couple of activities a day from the booklet alongside this week's 'Talk for Writing' literacy sessions provided below.
Please download the Instruction letter above which explains this week's Literacy learning. Complete activities 1-5 (one activity a day).

Maths Learning for the Week


Please click the following link for this week's Maths learning.


Click on Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April)

Monday 27th April
Lesson 1 - Vertically opposite angles

Click 'get the activity'. This will download the learning to your device. Watch the supporting video link. Complete the daily arithmetic at the start of each video.


Tuesday 28th April

Lesson 2 - Angles in a triangle


Wednesday 29th April

Lesson 3 - Angles in a triangle (special cases)


Thursday 30th April

Lesson 4 - Angles in a triangle (missing angles)


Friday 1st May

Lesson 5 - Friday Maths Challenge

Click 'Get the Challenges'. This will download a document with 10 separate challenges on to your device. If some of these challenges are a little tricky, have a go at the Maths Escape Room challenge provided below! Have fun! :)