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Week 3 (20.04.2020)

Spelling Focus for the Week (complete one activity a day)

Please aim to complete a couple of pages a day from the booklet to complement this week's Literacy learning.

Maths Learning for the Week


Please click the following link for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's learning.

Monday 20th - Click on Week 2 - Lesson 3 (Measure with a protractor)
Click 'get the activity'. This will download the learning to your device. Watch the supporting video link. At the start of each video there is daily arithmetic practice to complete as we would at school.


Tuesday 21st - Click on Week 2 - Lesson 4 (Introduce Angles)


Wednesday 22nd - Click on Week 2 - Lesson 5 (Calculate Angles)

Once you have completed the activity, answers are provided for you via the link above so you can check your understanding.