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Week 10 (15.6.20)

Good morning Rockies! Hope you have had a good weekend.


Please find below the work for this week; remember you need to complete the English and Maths tasks every day.  You also need to ensure you are reading, practising your times tables AND  practising your spellings from the year 1/2 and 3/4 lists every day.  You must be experts by now!!


The wider curriculum grid has got new geography and history tasks, relating to the area of learning we were coming on to which is our local area.


Have fun this week and don't forget to email some of your maths, English and something from the grid so I can see how you are getting on.


Take care my lovelies,

Miss A x

Wider Curriculum Grid

Year 2

You are going to practise counting up and back in halves and quarters.

Year 3

You are going to practise counting on and back in multiples and near multiples of 10 and 100.

Maths Challenges


If you have completed all your maths for the week and are looking for a bit of a challenge!


These problems are great for reminding you of the basics and EXPLAINING your understanding.  Remember, I am not expecting a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer.  I need you to convince me or prove it through showing me/drawing your representations, just like you would in class. 



Year 2

You are going to complete a series of tasks some of which look at the books of Anthony Browne;  he is one of my very favourite children's authors (check out 'Voices in the Park' which is in my top ten books of all time!)

Year 3

You are going to look at the text 'King of Rome' and complete your tasks around that.