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Wednesday 24th February

Literacy – Continue with your project - reminder below.

In history and geography, we have been learning about fossils, Lyme Regis and Mary Anning.  This week we are focussing our literacy around creating a fact filled information leaflet/ booklet about Lyme Regis and Mary Anning.  Look at the ideas on the timetable  and then it is time to think about what you will be drawing and writing about on each page of your leaflet.  Ideas could be the beach, harbour and seaside, the fossils and cliffs, Mary Anning and her findings.  Remember this is a 4-day project so it needs lots of detail and time spent over it to show your friends on Friday.  Pick a page a day to complete.  Have fun everyone – this project will help not only your literacy skills but your geography and history ones too!




The split u-e sound.  Listen and watch the video clip and try and complete the u-e game.  Have fun!

Numeracy- Today we are looking at heavy and light. Watch the clips and BBC Bitesize videos and then find heavy and light objects around your house and draw and label them on your sheet provided.

Reading and Story time- Bug Club

Mental Health and Well being- Meditation.

RE and Christian Prayers.