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Tuesday 26th January 2021

Happy Australia Day!!!

It is a very exciting day for one of our Australian pupils so we are celebrating all day today with a day of fun Australian related activities.  Enjoy!

Message from Mrs Frost for Australia Day

Live Zoom for Class 1 and 2 with Mrs Frost to celebrate and start our Australia Day!

School assembly- 9.00am

Australia Information poster task

Postcard from Australia

Postcard from Australia - You are on holiday in Australia and you need to send a postcard back to a friend.  Can you design and write a postcard?

Fun Australian activities to choose from! Enjoy!

Aboriginal Art -

I hope you enjoyed the art demonstration on the 'zoom' call this morning.  If you couldn't attend here is a video to support your art.  I hope you are having a wonderful Australian filled day!


Can you sing along and learn some Australian songs?