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Thursday 21st January 2021

Literacy Time! Your non-fiction book.

Phonics Time- 

Pre-recorded phonics lessons for all children.    Todays lesson for Year 1 children is from someone you might recognise if you have watched Blue Peter!  Try hard to read and sound out the a-e sound words and then do the sheet provided.  

Cut out the different cards, muddle them up and then read the words and match them to the pictures. They contain either 'ai', 'ay' or 'a-e'.

Todays phonics for reception children is all about reading simple sentences with the sounds we have learned since starting school.  Can your child watch the story 'The Cats' on the clip below.  Keep pausing the video and allowing your child to sound out the sentences and then press play and see if they read it correctly.  Once the book is finished can your child try and read the interactive sheet and tick the correct image?  Have fun!

Numeracy- Year 1 children please continue with the sequence of NCTEM maths lessons and access lesson 9. Year Reception children please can you use the 'Making 5' numicon sheet. Have fun!

Daily Reading Time.  Can you read your Bug Club book with more fluency today? Remember reading is so important so enjoy this time with your grown up.  
Meditation and Well-Being Time.