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Monday 22nd February

9.00- 9.30am – Our half term break catch up.   Live Zoom with Mrs Frost- bring something to show or talk about from your half term break.


Use Zoom link sent to access this session.

Zoom call to start at 10-10.15am.

Year 1 – Handwriting long ladder family (while the Year R children do their zoom)


Use Zoom link sent to access this session.Zoom call to start 10.15-10.30am

Year R – Handwriting the long ladder family (while the Year 1 children do their zoom

Numeracy- measuring focus. The clip has different ways you can measure from using bricks, your hands and feet and a ruler. Now it is fun time. Can you go and find toys and objects to measure around your house. Take pictures of you measuring them. Remember to use the language of taller, shorter, shortest and tallest. Fill in the sheet with your findings!

Reading and Story time- Bug Club


PE with Mr Tyrell!

Can you re-do some of Mr Tyrell’s inside PE fun?

Outside challenges from Mr Tyrell – if you did not get chance to do these because of the weather why not try some today?

LIVE SESSION with Mr Westwood

School Assembly - 2.40pm-3pm.

Use Zoom link sent to access this session.