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Maths is linked where possible to topic but may be taught separately. We have a strong belief in the importance of teaching key number skills in every Maths session. Mental maths and the practical everyday application of Maths is a focus for our teaching. Shape, space and measure is taught through Foundation and Topic subjects.


Each class has a Maths progress wall where every child has a record of their progress in Maths throughout the year. Their September assessment, most recent assessment and an aspect that they have made great progress in is on display. Record of this progress can also be found in each child's Maths book.


Download our calculation methods to see the steps children take from Year 1 to Year 6.

Maths Progress Walls

Maths is fun at Lady Seaward's. It is taught using concrete resources in a range of exciting ways. Problem solving and independent learning are high priorities and children enjoy their meaningful maths sessions.