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Good Morning Rockies!


It's 'Fun Friday' and that only means one thing.....maths games day! Yaaaaaay!


Well done on getting through the first week of term - I know it hasn't been quite what we all expected but I am sure you are all working hard and being helpful to your grown-ups.  Keep up the good work.


Don't forget to get your grown-ups to email your work in to me - I am waiting to mark it and give you some feedback.  I am here to make sure your learning continues - it isn't an extra long holiday you know!!  We are all working very hard in school and at home to make sure your learning journey continues and we have some new and exciting things to prepare for you for next week, so watch this space! 

Maths Problem of the Day



Year 2

Choose the next spelling mat to complete.  Have you built up enough words to create a silly sentence using the patterns you have been practising?


Year 3

Using the spelling you have practised so far this week, write a short paragraph and include the same words or words you have found using the same pattern.  Make sure you spell correctly!!




As it's Fun Friday - and we always play maths games on Fun Friday - please follow the link to Top Marks and spend 30 minutes having fun with maths.  Make sure you challenge yourselves. 

For the second 30 minutes is there someone you could play cards with?  We like to play 'pontoon', or '21'.  Can you make 21 using the cards the 'banker' deals out?Do you need to twist or have you got 20 and are going to stick? What will the dealer get and who will win?

 You are going to need the mental maths strategies you have been taught in order to try and calculate without using fingers!! 


To round the first week off very gently, watch the video from ArtJohn and see if you can have a go a creating your own!