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Class 4 - Year 6 - Pyrenees

This half term, Pyrenees class have been super enthusiastic learners! In English, we have been learning about discussion texts, which culminated in a stunning final written piece about the advantages and drawbacks of magical powers! In maths, we have been revisiting our understanding of Place Value to ensure we have fully mastered all concepts. Our scientific inquiry has allowed to explore circuits - we will be continuing this learning after half term as the children have really enjoyed the practical activities! Religious Education has been fascinating as we have been discussing the balance of faith and science - do the two conflict or complement each other? The children have been really respectful of each other's beliefs and shared opinions in a really mature way. We were even lucky enough to meet Dr Jennifer Wiseman - an astrophysicist for NASA who kindly met us over zoom to talk about her two passions - Science and Christianity!

I hope you all have a VERY well-earned rest over the Easter holidays!

Miss Powell 🙂

Scientific inquiry - how can we vary the components of a circuit to create a brighter/dimmer light?

We have been learning all about discussion texts and we played an oracy activity called 'conscience alley' where the children chose opposing sides of an issue and tried to convince the person in the 'alley' to choose their argument!

A fascinating and respectful discussion surrounding the relationship between science and faith in our RE lesson

Class 4 Virtual Tour

Still image for this video
Curriculum Learning in Year 6

The children have been deepening their understanding of the experiences of children who were evacuated during the Second World War by analysing a range of historical sources. We examined different memoirs of actual evacuation children which gave us an insight into their experiences. We identified that it was a tremendously difficult time for all of the children. From our role play sessions we shared with each other our character’s viewpoints with some of the extracts showing us that evacuees found the experience enjoyable and exciting whilst some were treated unfairly and found it distressing.

Within our scientific learning we have been drawing our study of light to a close with the children carrying out investigations examining refraction showing how the light spectrum is formed. We have also been investigating how reflection is used to support everyday activities, recently looking at how Concave and Convex mirrors produce different representations of images, with pupils being able to communicate their understanding of the scientific principles which govern this.

Art inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Class 4 studied the late artist and emulated his style with their own pieces of oil pastel art. They thought of powerful and positive messages to promote equality among all human beings :)

World War II History - exploring different forms of political leadership - Democracy and Dictatorship

Internet Safety - School Ethos application and Mental Health Day

Class Four Autumn Newsletter 2020

Visit to the Houses of Parliament 14.01.2020

Greek Mythology Literacy Launch! 08.01.2020

World War Two Home Learning Projects

Class 3 and 4 learning about the General Election (12.12.19)

Making Christingles (11.12.19)

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra at Exeter Great Hall (06.12.19)

Class 4's book talk on "My Secret War Diary" (20.11.19)

Class 4's learning on Democracy and Dictatorship (12.11.19)

Reading Open Morning (08.11.19)

Class 4 share their PowerPoint Presentations on Dictatorship (05.11.19)

Maths challenge cracked! - each adjoining pair adds to make a square number - great problem solving year 6's!

Geography - Using four and eight figure grid references (15.10.19)

Lady Seaward's Career Open Morning (11.10.19)

World War Two Code Cracking in ICT (03.10.19)

Investigative science in Pyrenees

Oliver Twist Perfomance 11.07.19

Residential Trip to Bristol 22.05.19

Maths Rockstar Day 26.04.19

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Lady Seawards Support Comic Relief! Red Nose Day 15.03.19

Samoan Pancakes 06.03.19

Aboriginal Day with the Didgeridoo Man! 04.03.19

Maths Workshop 24.01.19

Media Moguls 23.01.19

Rainbow Serpent Drama Workshop 16.01.19

Spring Term Topic Launch - Oceania 09.01.19

Making Santons de Provence for Clyst St George Church 12.12.18

Christingle Artwork 10.12.19

Children In Need 16.11.18

Country Dance Event at Rockbeare C of E Primary School 16.10.18

Visit from the Cats Protection League 14.11.18

Maths Hub Competition at Westcliff Academy 05.11.18

Harvest Festival Artwork 09.10.18

Healthy Eating Day


In the afternoon, Class 3 & 4 got together to learn about the importance of exercise on the body. They then tested their memory skills with a series of pictures, exploring how many they could remember in 20 seconds. They also learnt how to time their pulse. After this, they went outside and completed a series of group exercises to raise their heart beat. When back indoors, the children then experimented to see whether their memory skills had improved. This did in fact work, with many children doubling their previous scores, proving that exercise always has a positive effect on our memory and learning skills. 


We then welcomed Mrs Esson into our school who kindly delivered a talk on the importance of healthy eating and keeping our teeth and gums clean. The children were asked to chew a plaque tablet to highlight any plaque that may be on their teeth and then were taught the techniques of brushing key areas in our mouth. The children were all provided with a new toothbrush and toothpaste. 


We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Tyrell and Mrs Esson for their fantastic lessons which the children all enjoyed. 

Foundations Of Fitness WW2 Experience - Friday 28th Septermber 2018

Killerton House Quilting Project for Cider Festival Weekend (27.09.18)

Blitz Silhouette Skylines

Year 6 Killerton House Quilting Project - Thursday 13th September 2018

Finding Tales - The Machine Gunner!

Monday 10th September 2018

Pyrenees Class have started a new genre of writing in English - finding tales! Today the children worked really hard to learn the core text 'The Machine Gunner' off by heart! We discussed the text as a class, sharing our thoughts and opinions. We then got busy learning the tale using story boarding and key actions to help us! This will build towards the pupils writing their own finding tale based on our World War II topic.

Pyrenees Class in a Nutshell!

Friday 7th September 2018
Pyrenees Class have enjoyed learning more about each other this week by presenting their 'Me in a Nutshell' bags. The children have been amazing at choosing items that are special and unique to them. We have all had fun trying to guess the importance of each object and I have certainly learnt a lot about the children!

Thank you Pyrenees for getting so involved!
Mrs Adams

Matt Jay's Visit to Lady Seaward's

On Thursday 21st of June, classes 3 and 4 were very fortunate to have a visitor to come and speak to us.


Interview session:

Here are some examples of the questions we asked Matt and his answers to our questions.


Interviewer: How many kick-ups can you do?


Matt Jay: I can do about 300 kick-ups as Miss Jay proved when she was younger, and all the kicking in the back garden!


Interviewer: What car do you have?


Matt Jay: I have a Peugeot 308, in the colour black. 


The penalty shootouts consisted of a goal placed at the far end of the playground, the children had to run and shoot into it. Some of the children got the ball in, some got it over and a few hit him. The children got a celebrity high-5 as well which we all were very happy about. 


All of the children were very lucky to get Matt's autograph and a picture with him, the pictures of us and Matt will be printed off to take home. Matt's autograph that he gave us, the children took home or stayed in school to get laminated. 


We all would like to say a massive thank you to Matt for taking up his time to come and see us for an interview session, penalty shoot outs, pictures with him and his autograph.


Written by Holly Neaves and Eleni Luckhurst.

Exeter Chiefs Rugby

Classes 3 and 4 were extremely fortunate to have been invited to visit Exeter Chiefs and take part in tours around the ground. Both Aron and Richie showed the children all areas of the ground including 'behind the scenes' elements: the children were able to experience the changing rooms and sit in some of the players seats; visit the gymnasium, looking at the records set by different players; look in the physiotherapy room and find out about the cost of this and even visit the ice-bath pool! As well as this, the children learned about the new developments within the stands, found out why the pitch had a slight raise in the middle and even learned that the Exeter Chiefs sub seats are heated!


Throughout the afternoon the chidlren asked lots of interesting questions about the different roles within the club as well as gaining new information about some of the players. This was a brilliant opportunity for the children which engaged them even further with our Sporting Legends topic and allowed them to develop their understanding of the workings of a large sporting facility. 


A massive thank you to Aron and Richie for giving up their time to show everybody around, we had a fantastic day and have learned so much about Exeter Chiefs!

HUB Commonwealth Games

On Friday, Class 3 and 4 planned, resources and hosted their very own Commonwealth Games event for children across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 from our local HUB schools.


The events that the children planned focused on developing basic skills for the younger children, including jumping, balancing and throwing. Some of the events delivered by the children included javellin, standing j