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Class 3 - Years 4 & 5 - Himalayas Class

Class 3 have been busy analysing data on the growth of infants in their first year of life. They used this data to construct bar charts and line graphs and evaluated which method presented their data more clearly.

This week, Himalayas class have been studying their most inspirational current artists. They will select and record key information about their lives and work and eventually, create their own inspired piece of art.

The children enjoyed their science lesson where they sorted and described the different stages of human development!

Class 3 have been working hard in geography to recall the names of the continents and oceans as well as using the index of atlases to name different countries and their cities.

WELCOME BACK - September 2021


Welcome to Himalayas class!

We will update this page regularly with information and news so please keep visiting!

Below is this term's newsletter with key information about home learning, upcoming dates etc.

Below it you will find a link to home learning if your child needs to isolate.

Please email with any questions.

Thank you, Miss Powell :)

We have been exploring foetal development in science. The children conducted an investigation to determine how a foetus develops inside the womb. 

Look at our wonderful retellings of Aladdin!

Festive feast!

Himalayas class have worked extremely hard this term and so we enjoyed a well-deserved feast! We even had a special visit from Father Christmas' special helper to deliver some special gifts!

Class 3 Virtual Tour

Still image for this video

Remembrance Art

Virtual visit from Simon Jupp, MP

Lady Seawards School welcomed a local MP, Simon Jupp, for a ‘virtual’ visit on Wednesday 4th November.

Mr Jupp was treated to a virtual ‘Q and A’ with the children in years 2-6, due to the Covid-19 rules, and spoke directly to many members of the school community, who quizzed him about his role within parliament and his thoughts on dealing with the current problems faced in the local community and beyond.

The children really enjoyed their preparation for the visit. The classes held discussions about the role of parliament and learnt about the importance of asking questions to find out more information, promote change and create improvement both in the local community and nationally.

Sculptors hard at work creating Giacometti-inspired 'body' sculptures!

Our amazing learners editing their friendship stories!

Harvest Art

Letter to parents of Class 3

Dear Parents / Carers of class 3,

A gentle reminder that we are encouraging children to read books aimed at their reading level on our online reading profile, Bug Club, to avoid cross-contamination with school books being sent to different homes. We would expect to see the children logging into Bug Club every week and completing as many books and quizzes as possible. As teachers, we can see which children have logged in and celebrate this in class every week. If you need a reminder of your child's login details please email us. TT Rockstars is still being used to reinforce times tables fluency at home. At the end of Year 4, all children will take a statutory times tables test so we really encourage as much practice at home as possible. Again, please contact us if you have problems logging in.

You will have also noticed a new homework book your child has brought home. This is to practice weekly spellings and handwriting in. It will be checked and celebrated on a Friday and spelling tests take place on Mondays. Thank you for supporting your child's learning at home.

Kind regards,

Miss Powell and Mrs Winstanley smiley


As part of our physical education, we have been having cricket lessons with Damien, aimed to improve our coordination, throwing and catching and most importantly, batting!!!

Class 3 Autumn 2020 Newsletter


To begin our new topic in R.E: What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today, children explored the amount of religions across the world, the UK and in Devon. 


The children were asked to imagine the world was shrunk and was now a little village with 100 people. They then had to guess how many people would belong to different religions and how many classed themselves as having no religion, using marshmallows to represent people. 


The children then explored the data from the 2011 census and discovered how many people classed themselves as having a certain religion in their local area. 


Area and Perimeter.


The children in class 3 used their knowledge of perimeter and area to measure the perimeter and area of the playground using trundle wheels. 

The year 5’s were tasked with splitting the playground into compound shapes to measure the area accurately. 

Learning Update from Himalayas Class


It has been a hive of learning activity in Class 3! We worked in pairs to write, edit, improve and perform news reports linked to our learning about newspaper articles. We discussed the importance of tone, volume control and pace to keep the audience’s attention and monitored this throughout the performances.


In maths, we have been using concrete objects to support our understanding of subtracting 4 and 5 digit numbers, with exchanging.


Linked to our Maya theme, we are continuing to analyse historical sources – deciding whether they are primary or secondary and working out what we can learn from them. The children are developing into fantastic historians!


We would like to also celebrate all the children that are putting so much effort into their reading at home and recording this in their reading diaries – keep it up!

Learning in action!

Science experiment. Creating streamlined boats to test water resistance.

Ethos day - Christianity

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Multicultural Day.


The children were immersed in a Multicultural Day based on Christmas in France. They started the day looking at the Reveillon Dinner and deigned 13 desserts which had a symbolic meaning to the last super. The children then designed a festive Christmas plate and decorated a chocolate log which they got to take home and enjoy for their supper.


To end the day, class 3 explored the construction of the Eiffel Tower and were asked to construct their own using art sticks and masking tape. The only rule was that their tower needed to stand up unaided at the end of the session. 


The children made Christingles for our yearly Carol Service held at Clyst St George Church. The children learnt what Christingles symbolise and the history behind them. 



Class 3 were lucky enough to be invited along to Ikea for a store tour and a talk about recycling and sustainability. 


The children took part in a number of activities around recycling and even got to recycle some large equipment out the back of the store. 


We would like to thank Ikea for having us. 

When we grow up we want to be...

Astronaut Food.


The children in Class 3 got to try real astronaut food that is designed to be eaten in space. The flavour was chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips.


We discussed why most food is dry freezed and what would happen to ice cream if it was opened in space.


Judging by the children’s faces, they really enjoyed the taste!

Moon Landings Celebration.


Class 3 celebrated the moon landings by going back in time to 1969 and watching a ‘live’ viewing of the moon landings.


They learnt about the Apollo 11 mission and the important roles of the three astronauts on board at the time.


The children completed many activities around the moon landings and dressed up for the occasion.

Healthy Eating Day.


Lady Seaward's took part in a Healthy Eating Day across all classes with many activities taking place. 


Class 3 explored the importance of a healthy lunchbox and how to provide a balanced diet with 5 different fruit and vegetables a day. They were then set a budgeting task, where they had £15 to spend in an online supermarket and created a weekly lunch plan, considering the different food groups. 


Children were then given the opportunity to make some healthy snacks. They explored different ingredients, including a variety of salads and made a wrap which they then got to taste. 


In the afternoon, Class 3 & 4 got together to learn about the importance of exercise on the body. They then tested their memory skills with a series of pictures, exploring how many they could remember in 20 seconds. They also learnt how to time their pulse. After this, they went outside and completed a series of group exercises to raise their heart beat. When back indoors, the children then experimented to see whether their memory skills had improved. This did in fact work, with many children doubling their previous scores, proving that exercise always has a positive effect on our memory and learning skills. 


We then welcomed Mrs Esson into our school who kindly delivered a talk on the importance of healthy eating and keeping our teeth and gums clean. The children were asked to chew a plaque tablet to highlight any plaque that may be on their teeth and then were taught the techniques of brushing key areas in our mouth. The children were all provided with a new toothbrush and toothpaste. 


We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Tyrell and Mrs Esson for their fantastic lessons which the children all enjoyed. 

Killerton Class Trip.


Year 5 & 6 were given the opportunity to visit Killerton in order to explore their new exhibition on Women’s suffrage. The children found this topic really interesting and were shocked at the policies that used to be in place for women and men.


The children are now going to make a banner for Killerton’s art project which will be proudly displayed in their chapel.



Exploring Angles


Children explored angles today in the classroom. They looked at the difference between acute, obtuse and right angles and how to identify these angles. They used an angle finder to determine this knowledge and explored the classroom to see how many different angles they could find. 


They then used dabbing to see how many different angles they could make with their bodies and performed these to the rest of the class.


Can you identify the angles the children made? 

Properties of shape.


The focus for maths for June will be Properties of Shape where children will explore different angles, measurements and 2D & 3D shapes. Please feel free to download the document below to identify what children will be learning. 

Exeter Chiefs Rugby

Classes 3 and 4 were extremely fortunate to have been invited to visit Exeter Chiefs and take part in tours around the ground. Both Aron and Richie showed the children all areas of the ground including 'behind the scenes' elements: the children were able to experience the changing rooms and sit in some of the players seats; visit the gymnasium, looking at the records set by different players; look in the physiotherapy room and find out about the cost of this and even visit the ice-bath pool! As well as this, the children learned about the new developments within the stands, found out why the pitch had a slight raise in the middle and even learned that the Exeter Chiefs sub seats are heated!


Throughout the afternoon the chidlren asked lots of interesting questions about the different roles within the club as well as gaining new information about some of the players. This was a brilliant opportunity for the children which engaged them even further with our Sporting Legends topic and allowed them to develop their understanding of the workings of a large sporting facility. 


A massive thank you to Aron and Richie for giving up their time to show everybody around, we had a fantastic day and have learned so much about Exeter Chiefs!

HUB Commonwealth Games

On Friday, Class 3 and 4 planned, resources and hosted their very own Commonwealth Games event for children across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 from our local HUB schools.


The events that the children planned focused on developing basic skills for the younger children, including jumping, balancing and throwing. Some of the events delivered by the children included javellin, standing jump, target throw, a water relay and many more.


The children, as well as our visitors, thoroughly enjoyed this event. After being placed into a Commonwealth country, they were taught how to complete each event, before competing for points as a country. Himalayas and Pyrenees Class recorded the results and presented the winning country with certificates at the end of the sessions.


A huge well done to the children involved; we have recieved lots of positive feedback from our visiting schools and as teachers, we were very impressed by the leadership skills shown on the day.

Devon County Show.


The children of Class 3 entered a competition in which they were asked to design a wheelbarrow based on the theme of plastics in the ocean. 


I am proud to announce that Himalayas Class won FIRST PLACE in the competition. All children won a ticket to The Devon County Show.


On Thursday, we took a class trip to the show and had an absolutely brilliant day out in the sunshine. The children got the opportunity to meet many local businesses and education workshops. They got to make bread, butter and sit in a fire engine. The children were also really lucky to be invited into the dog show to meet and greet the dogs.


The children were allowed to bring some money with them where they got to choose where they would spend it: an ice cream, fast food or a toy. I have to say that this was my most enjoyable moment, witnessing the children filled with excitement in making their decision, speaking to the local businesses and calculating their change. I’m still questioning why none of the children chose to spend their money on buying their teacher an ice cream though!


This will link well into our learning in maths where year 4 children will be exploring money and the year 5s will be calculating percentages. 


The behaviour of the children was outstanding through the whole day with the staff commenting on how well mannered the children were.


A huge thank you to everyone we interacted with at the show and to our parent helpers. We hope to return again next year.





Dream Catchers.


In lunch club, children made some lovely dream catchers with old CD’s, string and decorative equipment. 

‘These were really interesting to make. I enjoyed using the cool glue gun to stick them together’ - Stefan. 

These are displayed in our school garden.

Can you spot them?





Kenniford Farm 


Kenniford farm kindly invited a group of children over to their wonderful farm to learn about the process of running a farm.


The children were lucky enough to witness the birth of some piglets and welcomed one into the world by picking it’s name. They named the piglet Cherry and will check on her progress every week, including checking her weight. 


I would like to say a huge thank you to Kenniford Farm for allowing children to come to their farm. They have enjoyed the experience very much and always look forward to returning. 

Kids Meet


Our IT leaders were invited to Westcliff Primary School to present an aspect of IT that has helped them with their learning. They chose to talk about ClassDojo which is an interactive system where children get to collect points during the day for achievements. 


The children made this video in school using Spark Video. The children were amazing presenters, showing confidence in a nerve racking situation and represented their school beautifully. I was very proud of them all. 


A big well done to Jasmine, Amelia, Stefan, Eva, Eden and Lucy for your hard work. The children won a number of IT prizes, including a virtual reality headset for their school to use. 

ClassDojo (1).mp4

Still image for this video

African Footballs.


Class 2 and Class 3 worked together this week and merged their topic learning together. We looked at sport in Africa and compared it to sport in England. In some places in Africa, rather than buying footballs, children had to make them due to poverty. African children normally made their footballs out on recycled materials. Children watched a video of an African village making footballs out of plastic bags, newspapers and string. 


The children in Class 2 and 3 then made their own footballs, using these materials. They wrapped a number of plastic bags around some newspaper and then tied it very tightly with string. Children then tested out their designs in the school garden to see how strong they were and how they were different from the footballs children have in England. 


Maths investigation using our decimal knowledge

Class Newsletter Summer 2018

Devon County Show.


We have been chosen to be entered into this year's Devon County Show. We will design and make a flower arrangement to fit into a wheelbarrow and base it around sea pollution. Our wheelbarrow will be collected in May, ready for this year's competition. 

Heatree Residential 2018


The year 4 pupils took a trip to Heatree Residential where they got to take part in a number of activities based around outdoor learning including: archery, low adventure, high ropes and stream bug hunting. 


The children had a fantastic time where they put 100% effort into everything and showed determination to accomplish every activity! They have been awarded the Heatree Outdoor Adventure award. 



World Book Day.


The children looked fantastic on Wo