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Class 2

Sea Shanty Song!

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Reader of the Week

Well done to Ayle Sheihk and Thomas Roles who have both achieved our next Bug Club 'Reader of the Week' award  

Ayla and Thomas have both blown Mrs Hough and I away with their engagement with Bug Club over the last 2 weeks.  Well done Ayla and Thomas and keep up the good work!


Mrs Hough and Miss Austin

27th February



Spelling: the children will be learning a new spelling pattern/rule each week.  Although I hope they end the week spelling the identified words correctly, the idea is they have learnt the pattern or rule for that week.  Can they identify additional words with the same pattern or rule? Can they use words containing that pattern in the correct context in a complete sentence? 

Another additional spelling challenge would be to focus on words on the year 1/2 or year 3/4 spelling list that was sent home.


Maths:  as a Trust we use the government recommended NCETM for our maths planning. This has been identified as the most thorough and logical way of introducing maths to young children and the structures, concepts and generalisations it teaches underpin and are built upon in the delivery of maths until year 6.

Sometimes it can appear as though the practise calculations are relatively simple.  The children need to complete the calculations using the learning from the lesson. If you ask the children they have heard me say so many times that I'm not interested in them telling me what the correct answer is wink - I want them to show me their understanding of the day's learning by following the generalisations and processes we have just looked at. Remember, we are teaching our pupils to become mathematicians and not calculators - there is a massive difference between the two. The learning objectives are to understand the structures and concepts being taught - the generalisations (or 'rules') will help them remember what they are.  So, if the practise activity has been completed relatively easily there are other things the children can be doing to show they have understood the learning.  Can they apply their learning by creating and solving their own calculations using larger numbers? Can they write a sentence or two in their own words to explain to me what they have learnt? 

Additional maths calculations can be found in the 'additional challenges' folder.  

Home Learning from week beginning 11th January.

When you access the star for this week you will find a timetable/schedule for the whole week and it will contain all the links you need to access the online content. Where there are any powerpoints, extra documents or resources needed you will find them under the relevant day.  

The timetable will also remind you of any Zoom sessions you need to access (the links have been sent for this week) and also when to take a break!  


I have arranged it as a timetable just like we have in school.  Please note the following:


It is not a menu from which you can choose. Teachers have been asked to provide a progressive curriculum and follow their planning for the term as closely as they possibly can. 


With this in mind, you need to start from Monday morning and follow every lesson just as we would in school.  If you miss anything out then that will begin to create a gap in your learning.  If for any reason you cannot complete your day's learning, please do not miss it out! Keep completing it in the order it has been set. 

When we return to school as normal I will be carrying on with my year's planning.  I know it is not going to be easy for you at home but I am here to support you as best as I can. We will have our zoom chats where we can discuss what you have been doing.  If there is anything you haven't understood or you have any questions then make sure you bring them to the Zoom call.  I am hoping that we will have them more frequently, and begin to have some live lessons but that depends on how many children are still coming into school. 


I'm looking forward to seeing you in a bit!!


Miss A



Tuesday 5th January (only)

Good Morning Rockies class!

Well this wasn't quite how I imagined we would be spending the first half of Spring term. Mrs Hough and I are so very sad not to be seeing your lovely smiling faces, but we want everyone to stay safe which means staying at home right now.  We look forward to a time when we can all be together again.


Below you will find your work for today. this is just to kick start your brain and get you back into learning once again.  From tomorrow you will begin the Spring Term's new learning and I look forward to seeing the work you send me for marking.


As the days and weeks progress I will also be uploading our class book, which we didn't finish before Christmas, so you can look forward to that. 


Take care and see you soon.


Miss Austin x






I would like you to write and tell me about your favourite day in the holidays.  It could be a wintery walk you went on, or a day playing games with your siblings or Christmas day itself. 


I am you reader - I want to know all the little details that made your day so special. I want to be able to read your work and know how it felt to be there.  Make me use my senses - tell me what you saw, what you heard, what you smelt.....use all the descriptive techniques we have learned so far to write a full page all about your favourite day.


When you have edited your work - yes I am expecting all the correct spellings and punctuation to be there too - you can decorate your page with a border or a picture.


I can't wait to read all about it!!

Year 2

Spend about 20 minutes on your handwriting booklet. 

Complete the spelling and the maths activities.

Year 3
Please spend about an hour working through the maths booklet.  Spelling and Spag, choose an activity from each and spend about 20 minutes on each one.