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Class 2 - Years 2 & 3 - Rockies Class

Rockies Class Autumn term newsletter 2021

Summer Newsletter Class 2

Mrs Hough and I would just like to say how blown away we are with the projects that came in this term.  The amount of time and effort that has gone into them is very apparent and we would like to thank the children for their hard work and effort.  We would also like to thank all parents and carers for supporting your children.


As we can't hold our usual exhibition, please take you time enjoying our gallery of exhibits.

Design and Technology - Seasonal cooking.

For D & T this term we started by learning about the fruits and veggies we grow in this country and those grown around the world.  We learnt that although Tesco tends to stock most things all year round, fruit and veg is actually seasonal!  We found out which vegetables are seasonal in December and based our design on a dish that uses them.  


Once we had decided on our dish, we had to learn how to prepare the ingredients which involved, peeling, washing and chopping. Then we ready to make our........soup! We made 2 versions - one spicy and one not - and taste-tested. The spicy one was the favourite!! 


We evaluated our soup and decided what might improve it (more spice!).

A dragon comes to Lady Seaward's!

A dragon comes to Lady Seaward's School!


At the end of November, a dragon visited our school when noone was around - we saw the CCTV footage! So, Rockies class went on a hunt around the school to see whether there were any traces of its visit.  We found.......a dragon's egg hidden under a bush!!  We have cared for the egg and tried to find out more about dragons (using the beautiful book, 'Tell me a Dragon' by Jackie Morris).  We had a letter from the master of a distant land who reported his dragon missing, so we made 'missing' posters and wrote letters back to him, telling him what we knew.  Earlier this week, the dragon came and collected her egg and Algernon Bumbleface wrote back to say she had returned safe and well.....phew!!

Class 2 Virtual Tour

Still image for this video

Rockies Class 'Talk for Writing'

In class 2 we use a 'Talk for Writing' approach in our literacy learning.  Drama provides the children with the opportunity to become more familiar with the characters and the story line. Here you can see the children collaborating in groups to act out part of our current text, 'Silly Billy'. 

At the end you can see our story map, which we use to learn the text.  This can help cement language choices in the children's own writing by reminding them of word patterns.    

Posing our questions to Simon Jupp, MP for East Devon

Playing games is a wonderful way of putting all the mathematical skills we learn in class, into practise AND they are so much fun.  Once a week, Rockies class play a variety of maths games.  They look forward to it every week!

Maths Games


The children started their fist history lesson this term, looking at chronology.  We started by hopping in our time machine and going back to when we were born, then through the world wars, the Victorians, The Romans and eventually we were back in the time of the Ancient Egyptians, over 5000 years ago.  We learnt that chronology refers to things in the order that they happen, so we tried to remember which parts of world history came first.  This is something that we will revisit constantly in our history lessons.

Rockies Class celebrate Mental Health Day - reflecting on our emotions and feelings - exploring sensory stratgies

Class Two Newsletter Autumn 2020

Year 3 Maths - Exchanging or 're-grouping'.

We have been building on our learning in year 2, looking at the structure adding a three-digit number and a two-digit multiple of ten.  We thought about place value and which digits would and wouldn't change and why.  We then talked about what would need to happen when you add tens together but then have too many! We used Base-10 to to demonstrate what physically happens; some of us played 'banker' and exchanged 10 tens for one hundred. We can also call that 're-grouping'.  We followed this up by drawing representations to show what we did physically. 

This will pave the way for column addition but it is really important we understand the structure of this concept, so we understand why we do what we do

Our Class trip to the Tutankhamun Museum in Dorchester.

Well what an amazing day we had today!  After an hour or so in the coach we arrived in Dorchester and took the short walk to the museum.  We received a very warm welcome from Naomi, the schools liaison, who told us so many things and asked so many questions. The children amazed her with their knowledge.

We saw replica artefacts and photographs from the time of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. Before we entered the ante-chamber and burial chamber, we tried to imagine what it would have been like to have been Howard Carter, peering through the small hole and seeing such amazing treasures that had lain undiscovered for 3000 years!   

Our last stop was the mummy exhibition which, to quote Jack, 'really grossed' some children out! 

As always, the children behaved impeccably; they represented the school extremely well being polite and well-mannered, engaged in what they were doing and  a pleasure to take on an off-site visit.  Mrs Hough and myself are very proud as is Mr. Westwood. Thank you to Mr Biggs for your help today.

Miss Austin (very proud teacher!)


PS: Naomi rang and spoke to Mrs Ingarfield as we were travelling back and told her that 'they were a lovely class and one of the best school groups she'd had in a long time, they were interested, engaged, asked appropriate questions, were polite and just generally lovely!' 

Well done to you all!

Rockies Class have enjoyed a fantastic start to the term. We can be seen here being mathematicians (using practical things to gain a greater understanding of number and place value) being writers (learning a text using actions to help us mimic good writing techniques) and being historians (using secondary resources to interpret what life might have been like in Ancient Egypt). It's no wonder we are so very tired when we get home every afternoon (and that's just me!).

Miss Austin

The children have been enjoying working on their mental maths skills whilst playing games.  Who knew that whist could be so go for your education?

Maths - practising our skills while playing games.

The children are acting out scenes form our current text 'The Egyptian Cinderella'.  We have really enjoyed immersing ourselves into this story and performing it really gave us a greater understanding of some of the characters.  

Drama - The Egyptian Cinderella

Oliver Twist Production 11.07.19

Exmouth Trip 04.07.19

We all enjoyed our class trip to Exmouth. The children listened to a talk by Stef, an Exe Estuary Officer, whol spoke about the ecological system within the Exe Estuary.  We searched for shells, dug up lug worms and went shrimp fishing.  Grateful thanks to The Exe Estuary Management Organisation who helped set up this trip.

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Santa Visit

Carol Concert at St Margaret’s Church

Curriculum Spelling List- Years 1, 2, 3 & 4

Class Newsletter Autumn 2018

Shaldon Zoo


Class 2 took an exciting trip to Shaldon Zoo to learn more information linked to our topic of Africa. 


We got to observe and watch many different animals and even hold a number of creatures. We learnt a lot of facts from talks linked to conservation, something we feel very strongly about after learning about endangered animals.


We then took a trip to the beach where we enjoyed warm sun and each other’s company.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Shaldon zoo for welcoming us and allowing us to experience many opportunities and make unforgettable memories. 

Estuary League of Friends.


The children of Class 2 got the wonderful opportunity to visit St Margaret’s Church. The Estuary League of Friends allowed the children to share in a Summer Songs of Praise. 


The children’s voices sounded wonderful in the church and staff commented on how well behaved they were, showing beautiful manners. 


Music performance.


Over the past term, children have been developing their music skills with Mr Moger Taylor. The children then got to show off their musical abilities to an audience of children at school.


We celebrated a number of different talents including musical instruments and singing. The children then shared all of the songs that they had learnt over the term.


”It was the best musical performance I’ve ever seen in school. It shows how hard Class 2 have been working” - Naomi Class 3. 

Fraction challenge.


The children were challenged with a number of different fraction challenge cards where they were asked to compare different fractions in a variety of ways.


The children demonstrated excellent team work and stretched their brains. They also showed a strong knowledge of fractions and used different ways to show their understanding. 



African Footballs.


Class 2 and Class 3 worked together this week and merged their topic learning together. We looked at sport in Africa and compared it to sport in England. In some places in Africa, rather than buying footballs, children had to make them due to poverty. African children normally made their footballs out on recycled materials. Children watched a video of an African village making footballs out of plastic bags, newspapers and string. 


The children in Class 2 and 3 then made their own footballs, using these materials. They wrapped a number of plastic bags around some newspaper and then tied it very tightly with string. Children then tested out their designs in the school garden to see how strong they were and how they were different from the footballs children have in England. 

Rockies Class Card School


The children in Class 2 want to improve their mental maths skills, so we have been learning card games.. In Pontoon, we used our mental addition and subtraction skills to try and get as near to 21 as we could.  

During the first half of the Spring Term,  the year 2's started to look at multiplication.  We made 'equal groups' of objects we found around the classroom.  

Marvellous multiplication.

Rockies Spring Newsletter

Our first half term.

The Romans

So far this term, we have been learning all about who the Romans were, when they lived and which countries they invaded. The children have also been spending lots of time designing and creating their own mosaics in a similar style to those created in Roman times.

We learnt that the Romans used just a few colours on their mosaics and often created patterns with these. They also tried to recreate challenging images using on their mosaics such as armour or animals. These are some of the mosaics that we produced!


Class 2 have been very lucky to have Mr Tyrell teaching them how to play handball on a Friday afternoon. Mr Tyrell taught Rockies Class a 4 week block of handball, where they learned lots of new skills such as attacking and defending, as well as basic throwing and catching skills. Mr Tyrell was so impressed with the children that they even got to play some whole class games against each other.

The class loved showing off all of their skills that they had learned and putting these into practise!


Dart's Farm Trip


Class 2 have been on a fantastic trip to Dart's Farm which was linked to our Food and Farming topic. When they were there they got to visit the fields where a lot of the fruits and vegetables grow. Nick showed the children how they were cut down and they each got to take something home for their dinner!

The chidlren also visited Al in the butchery at Dart's Farm. He showed them how to mince beef in order to make burgers. The chidlren even got to have a go at mincing their own beef, putting it through a machine and shaping their own burgers to take home.

From this, Class 2 each wrote a thank you letter to Becky, Al and Nick to thank them for a brilliant day out! The children really enjoyed sharing their burgers and vegetables with everyone at home!

Class 2's Trip to Dart's Farm