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Class 2 Home Learning

Week 15 (20/7/20)

Wider Curriculum

For this week I would like you to go back and look at the previous Wider Curriculum grids and choose something that you haven't already done.  I haven't seen very much RE work from you, so maybe if you haven't done very much RE you could choose that?  


This week in school we are doing lots of cooking, so if you have the opportunity to do some baking or food creating then please let me see your efforts. 


We are also holding a mini 'rounders' tournament in our bubble, so if you are getting active, let me see what you are doing and how you get on.





In class we are reflecting on the past year and recording some of our favourite memories in a memory journal.  

I would like you to do the same: what have been your favourite parts of the year?  Can you tell me your favourite moment, the memory you will treasure,your favourite activity and favourite time spent with your treasured friends?

Some of you might record it on a sheet like an information text and some might choose to put it together in a booklet or journal.  However you choose to record it, make sure you challenge yourself by varying your vocabulary (I used the word 'favourite' 5 times - you can do much better than that!) and ensuring your spelling, punctuation and grammar is your very best.




This week in Maths I would like you to revisit the main areas of our learning over the past year.  So, I have attached some booklets covering the various disciplines for you to try.  Hopefully you will also have some fun too!