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Class 2

Reading - we have been thinking about how to perform a poem. We have thought about the rythm and rhyme, expression and pace. Find a poem you like and practice and perform and pop on seesaw! We can then have a 'movie' of all your shared poems after half term!


Writing - this was going to be an independent creative I would like you to write an adventure story - with these themes - boats / weather / pirates!! I have provided some scene prompt and questions that you can use for inspiration for your stories. Remember all that we have learnt about paragraphs, punctuation and how to try spelling new vocabulary. Think about adding amazing adjectives and adverbs.


Maths - See below the maths problems that I have provided at the bottom of the page for Year 2 and Year 3 linked to our prior learning relating to place value and visual models.


In addition, Y2 you have been working on multiplication and division (2x, 5x and 10x) Can you make a snakes and ladders game where on some of the squares there is a x question (4 x 2  or   8 x 5   or 10 x 3) If you get it right go up the ladder..if you get them wrong..down you go! Beat your adult!!!!

Y3 - we have been looking at how to solve missing number equations (10 + ? = 21) We would use the inverse to solve this (part / part / whole) 21 - 10 leaves. So can you make a snakes and ladder game but with some missing number equations to solve...can you beat your adults? 


Art We should have been making our clay tiles tomorrow - we will do that the first week back after half term. Instead, would you create a beautiful painting / drawing / collage of a scene from nature (like we planned for the tile)


I hope this keeps you busy - of course please access bugclub and TTRockstars. Stay safe and have a wonderful half term. I will be on seesaw tomorrow throughout the day to check in and help.

See you after the holidays

Miss C 🙂

Creative writing prompt