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Class 1 - Recp and Year 1 - Alps Class

Summer Class Newsletter

Happy Christmas everyone!  I am so proud of the nativity performance the children took part in today.  They have all had a wonderful Autumn term and have worked so hard.  Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year.  Lots of Christmas hugs,


Mrs Frostsmiley

Alps class want to say a HUGE thank you to the PTA for our wonderful Christmas tree. We really enjoyed decorating it and making paper chains in our continuous provision to make our classroom very festive.

A HUGE thank you to all the parents and carers for supporting their child/ children with this weeks homework task around the story 'Supertato'. The new superhero vegetables and fruits the children have brought in or sent are amazing! Well done everyone!

The children have had a wonderful week and it has been a pleasure to see how much they have been learning. We continued with our focus on Black Lives Matter with some learning around Mary Seacole. The children in Year 1 are working hard on part-part-whole in mathematics and we are focussing on Phase 4 in our sounds and letters (phonics). The reception children are working on blending simple words and the numbers to 10. All the children are working hard to improve their fine motor skills with dough everyday. Please take time to watch the fine motor skills and phonics powerpoints below (or on the home learning page) to support your child's learning. Have a fantastic weekend and BIG hugs to you all. Mrs Frost

Fine Motor Skills Presentation for parents and carers.

The children had a wonderful time celebrating Children In Need today. We joined Joe Wicks in his 24 hour exercise marathon, made Pudsey masks, had a fashion show, danced, iced biscuits and had lots of fun! Well done everyone and have a super weekend. Mrs Frost

'Poppies' Cbeebies website information

Remembrance Day - the children all remained quiet at 11am to observe the 2 minute silence. I was so proud of them all. During our assembly they showed the whole school (virtually) their wonderful poppy artwork. I shared with the children the beautiful Cbeebies clip to support EYFS/ KS1 understanding of this topic. Please take time to watch it with your child as it is so appropriate for your child's age.

The children have really been enjoying our daily funky fingers exercises and have been learning new songs along with the fine motor exercises on their playdough. I have been really impressed with the work they have produced from our book 'Supertato'. The children have been writing lots of sounds they can hear in the words. Well done everyone and have a happy and safe weekend. Mrs Frost

The children have been learning about Martin Luther King and his famous speech. We have been painting different races holding hands. The children have also finished their 'Back Live Matter' artwork and here is a little glimpse of their finished works before the virtual art exhibition. I am very proud of them all!

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful half term despite the bad weather. We had great fun today with funny post it note games in phonics. We also looked at our new book 'Supertato' and continued out 'Black Lives Matter' work by recreating Jean Basquiat's work.

Happy Half Term!!!  Have a lovely break and see you all soon for more fun and learning.  Mrs Frost smiley

Phonics and Early Reading Presentation - 1st half

Still image for this video
Please take the time to listen to how Early reading and phonics is taught (approximately 30 mins in two parts) and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Mrs Frost

2nd half of the phonics and early reading PowerPoint

Still image for this video

The children have been learning songs and writing about Rosa Parks today as part of our 'Black Lives Matter' history work. They have produced some wonderful independent work. Well done Alps Class!

Wow! The children did their latest Autumn art work by combining different media. They used collage and pastels to create beautiful autumn trees. Well done!

As part of our focus in History on 'Black Lives Matter' we read a wonderful story called 'Mixed' by Arree Chung. The children loved it and the wonderful message it gives. As part of the session we drew a world full of happy colours in harmony. Well done Alps class!

This week has been a fantastic one for our children. We have been shooting sounds with the water pistols in phonics and using our hands to make pairs. We have been having cricket fun in PE and learning to blend cvc words with the letters we know. The older children have been playing lots of phonics games too. The children have also been continuing our mental health work with breathing techniques and in our 'Black Lives Matter' work we have been learning about Rosa Parks. Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you all on Monday!

WOW Year 1 children. I am so proud of your Pointillism Autumn Art work! Well done!

Autumn Art took place in Alps class today with natural sculptures, O' Keefe pastel drawings and even a trip to the conker field and searching for signs of Autumn with magnifying glasses! We had a wonderful time in the autumn sun and learned the word deciduous.

What a fun and active week we are having in Alps class! The children have been learning to make tree and leaf rubbings and created a wonderful Autumn collage. We have had fun with tricky word bingo and have even been learning about our bodies and senses by drawing around our friends! What fun!

In numeracy the children have worked hard on weighing, length and measuring. The children have now moved onto forming the numberblocks 1-10 and comparing them to our dienes.

In phonics we have had practical fun learning our sounds. The children in Year 1 have been learning or consolidating their Phase 3 knowledge and the new reception children have been learning the sounds s, a, t, p. Well done!

The year 1 children have had a great time in Geography making a birds eye view map of our classroom and in History learning about our families! I am very proud of them!

The Year 1 children have been making me beam with pride! Well done certificates and cups, wonderful phonics and amazing colour mixing in Art. What amazing role models for our new intake! Well done!

Hello to all my lovely Alps class parents and children!


It has been absolutely amazing to see you all and welcome the new reception intake.  You have all done so well settling into school life.  I am also so proud of my Year 1 children for setting such a wonderful example to them all.  We are going to have the most super year together having fun!


Mrs Frost 

Class One Autumn 2020 Newsletter

To everyone in Alps class,


I have loved teaching every single one of you this year.  It has been a very strange year but you are all incredibly special to me and I hope you all have a happy, healthy and fun filled summer.  See you all in September,


BIG hugs,


Mrs Frost 

This week the children are learning through the story of the Gingerbread Man.  They are making rhyming poems, learning to follow recipes and writing a recipe to understand the layout (e.g. ingredients, method etc)  We are weighing in maths and are continuing to learn about castles.  This will included castles in our main capital cities of London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.  The children will also be making castles using cardboard boxes which will contain a drawbridge, turrets, arrow loops and a moat.  

Mr Penry had great fun making gingerbread men with the children. They followed the recipe and had them to eat for snack! Yum Yum!

The outdoor classroom was great fun today! We followed rhyming clues to locate the gingerbread man, made him bridges and had lots of muddy fun!

The children have had a wonderful time in their continuous provision making leaf paintings, building castles, making fairy tale doors and flower painting. They also made rafts for the gingerbread man to cross the water tray on. Lots of fun!

Alps class had a wonderful World Book Day full of costumes, buddy reading, reading to teachers and stories. The children enjoyed hearing stories read to them by other teachers in the school and we even had a story quiz! A super day and I cannot wait for World Book Day next year!

Alps class continued our portrait focus by looking at Van Gogh. The children worked so hard and the results were fantastic!

Bore Da! Happy St David's Day. The children have enjoyed learning about the Welsh national day and even singing in Welsh.

Alps class have been really enjoying the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and making the bridges in continuous provision. The children have enjoyed learning about money, working hard on the split digraphs and trying to classify a troll. Is it an insect or mini-beast? After careful investigation we have said no!

Welcome back Alps Class! I hope you all had a fantastic break. We continued our portrait journey by learning about Picasso today. The artwork was fantastic. Well done!

Have a wonderful half term Alps class.  You have all worked so hard and I am very proud of all of you.  Remember your homework for the holiday is to have LOTS of fun!  See you all in 10 sleeps!

We went on a troll hunt! We tried to catch a BIG one!!! In our outdoor learning afternoon the children had to solve the clues to locate the hidden trolls! We also made trolls faces on our trees and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits around our outdoor classroom. It was lots and lots of fun! Have a great weekend everyone and see you all in three sleeps!

We went on a mini beast and insect hunt today and had great fun finding all the places they like to hide. Can you find any in your garden?

We had another wonderful outdoor learning afternoon based on the traditional tale of 'Red Riding Hood'. The children measured grandmas wool from her basket, we played 'What time is it Mr Wolf?' and discovered hidden clocks around our garden. The children acted out the story and had fun singing around our story area. Well done Alps class!

Happy Australia Day! The children had great fun making Anzac biscuits, Australian flags, aboriginal art work, learning about the animals in Australia and the country itself. A great day was had by all!

This afternoon was our outdoor learning based around Goldilocks. We read the story, sang songs and acted it out. The children had wonderful time with the three bears having a picnic, using the bears outline to collage them with natural materials and making Goldilocks necklaces out of leaves and flowers. The children also enjoyed gardening and clearing out our patches ready for planting. Thank you for a great afternoon everyone!

Alps class have been continuing their portrait theme by learning to draw Frida Kahlo. They also learned how drawing can help you calm down if you feel anxious or worried. They are all wonderful portraits!

Alps class discovered notes from fairy Freya today! We followed the rhyming clues and discovered a treat of materials to make wands with! We made fairy wands, learned about how to use them for calming breathing exercises and then made a magical spell. Out of the sky appeared feathers and glitter as Freya returned to her fairy door!!! What a day.

Out of nowhere a fairy door appeared in Alps class today! We could not believe our eyes! Where had it come from and why was it here? All questions we are going to try and answer. We are going to have an exciting week!

Happy New Year to everyone in Alps class. It has been lovely to see you all again for this short but fun week. The children have been busy learning about their mental health and ways to keep calm and relax. We have been learning breathing exercises which parents have already been very positive about. The children have been using the I-Pads for literacy and numeracy work, been reading and have continued their art with our focus on portraits. I have included all our curriculum information on the newsletter but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and speak to me at the end of the day. Have a wonderful weekend and see you all for a magic Monday!

To the wonderful children in Alps Class and their families.  Have a fantastic Christmas and a super New Year.  I hope you all have a great relaxing time and I will see you all for our new focus around 'Fairy Tales' where lots of visitors will be coming to see us!  Look out for a fun and action packed Spring Term.  I will miss you all and will see you all in 2020!!!

Alps class had a special visitor today. Father Christmas! The children all received a lovely present too.

Another great performance by Alps class in the school Christingle Service. Well done!

I could not be any prouder of my wonderful class! Well done Alps class on a simply amazing nativity. You all worked, sang and signed so brilliantly. I am proud of each and every one of you!

The children added oil pastel to their painted trees today. The effect is stunning and we received a Head Teacher's Certificate for our artwork! Well done Alps class. Next week the children will be continuing with our nativity rehearsals, our part-part-whole maths and working hard on our split digraphs and reading focus. Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday!

We have enjoyed making and creating autumnal art and have finished our art focus by being inspired by the artist Kandinsky. We used our colour mixing techniques to make an autumnal tree inspired by him. A great time was had by all!

The children continued our science focus on seasonal changes by collecting deciduous and evergreen leaves and creating clay collages with them. We had wonderful fun!

The children all made individual images of the work entitled 'Four Seasons in One Day' and we followed it up by making a huge class painting. We learned about colour mixing, adding white to lighten colours and used paintbrushes our hands and even glitter. We are very proud of our art piece and would love you all to come and see it proudly displayed on our classroom wall. Have a lovely weekend Alps class and see you all on Monday!

Alps Class having been thoroughly enjoying our Autumn art theme and today continued to learn about the seasons by painting a piece titled 'Four Seasons in One Day'. We enjoyed colour mixing and using the media of paint. Super work Alps!

The children have enjoyed learning about split digraphs this week and have been doing really well reading and writing them. We have been concentrating hard in reception on understanding how to order numbers and using the language of more and less than. We used the numberblocks to help us. The children enjoyed a visit from the Cat's Protection and have had a wonderful Children In Need Day which included a game of number bingo! Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday. I am really proud of you all.

Alps class had an amazing surprise when an astronaut had visited and left a box of space artefacts to investigate! We even ate astronaut food! The children have been learning about Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake as part of our vehicle and transport topic and learning about how a rocket goes into space. We have watched clips of Tim Peake on the International Space Station reading stories, cooking scrambled egg and even playing ping pong with water! It has been really great!