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Alps Class Home learning Day 1

Below you will find a range of activities from across the curriculum that your child can have a go at on their first day of isolation.

Spellings and Letter formations

Year 1 children: Have a look at the list of tricky words and/or the common exception words. Choose 5 words that you are not sure how to spell. Practise writing these words 3 times each and then put them into a sentence. 

Reception children: Have a practise at writing your name. See if you can form your letter correctly when you do this. Then have a go at some pencil control activities. There is an example below, but you can make up some of your own at home too! 


Year 1 children: Practise counting from 0-100 and beyond and as a challenge see if they can practise counting back again! Then choose a number between 0-100 and ask your children to write it down correctly, thinking about how many tens and ones. Then ask them to show yo in drawings how many tens and how many ones. For example, 45 has 4 tens and 5 ones. 

Reception children: Look at the numbers from 0-5. See if you can make your own number cards and draw the correct amount on each one. Then see if you can place them in the correct order. Once you have done this, see if you can choose a number and find that many objects from your house. You might like to go on a number hunt around your home to see what other numbers you can find! 

Project Learning

All children: we have been thinking about our families and who we live with. See if you can create a house and include all the people that you live with in your home. Then go into your garden and linked to our science learning see if you can spot and name any flowers or trees. You might then want to have a hunt around your house for objects from now and objects from the past, this is linked to our history/understanding the world learning.