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Royal Marines 'Foundations of Fitness' day at Lady Seaward’s

On Friday 28th September children from across the school had the opportunity to take part in a series of circuit and problem solving challenges aimed at developing their teamwork, perseverance and confidence. The KS2 pupils from Himalayas and Pyrenees were given two differing challenges linked to their learning topics, 'Earth and Space' and 'WWII.'

Space Scenario


Space Scenario


Two days ago, we received an automatic mayday call from Spaceship Seaward. Spaceship Seaward is an unmanned spaceship that runs via computer systems. We can no longer establish communications with the ship. It is believed that the ship was hit by a meteor shower has now crash landed on the surface of the moon. You are Space Trooper Technicians, sent to report on the damage sustained and fix the spaceship so it is able to continue on its course across space.


WW2 Scenario


You are Seaward Troop of First Company Light Infantry. After a parachute infiltration behind enemy lines your troop has become separated. In your groups you must work through a series of difficult wartime scenarios while working your way to reform the Troop in order to continue with future missions.


In the afternoon all children from across the school took part in a range of different circuits all aimed at promoting exercise as part of leading a healthy lifestyle. A huge thank you to Mr Gayson for leading such a fantastic session with all of the children at Lady Seaward's.