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Gifted Garden Maths Enrichment

A number of Year 6 pupils have commenced a Gifted Garden Maths Enrichment this week. Pupils have produced the outline below for their investigations. We will update you with their progress over the coming weeks.


Gifted Garden Maths

The Children’s Plan

The children came up with many questions covering most of the garden, so we decided as a group to categorise the questions into small areas of the garden and concentrate on one area per week/at a time.

Investigation 1

The Outdoor Classroom investigation

  • Can we find the area of the outdoor classroom?

  • Can we choose and price tiles from a brochure to cover the outdoor classroom floor?

  • Set up rainfall investigation (See investigation 6)

    Extension task: Can we find the area of the outdoor classroom if one measurement is missing?


    Investigation 2

    The Tyre area Investigation

  • What is the circumference, radius and diameter of the tyres?

  • What depth do the tyres go into the ground?

  • What is the total area of the grass plot?

  • How many people can we fit on the tyres?

    Extension Task: What is the total area that the tyres take up? Can you express this as a percentage of the grass plot?


    Investigation 3

    Pond investigation

  • Can We find the area, perimeter and depth of the pond?

  • What is the density of a rock?

  • How many fish are visible in the pond throughout the session? (Count every 15 minutes, collect data and present).

    Extension task: Can we plot the shape of the bottom of the pond (depth)


    Investigation 4

    Pyramid investigation

  • Can we find the surface area?

  • Can we measure the angles?

  • What length of stick was needed to cover the top triangle?

  • What is the volume of the pyramid?

  • What is the area of the base?

  • How many lines of symmetry, vertices, faces and edges can we find?

    Extension task: Plan how you would make a scale model of the pyramid/

    Work out the cost of the wood used to build the full-size pyramid.


    Investigation 5

    Concrete footsteps and hand prints

  • Can we work out the area of the footsteps and handprint?

    Extension Task: Can you find out the area of your own footprint?


    Investigation 6


  • Can we plot our data onto a graph?

  • Can we draw a conclusion from the graph?

  • Can we work out the average rainfall?

    Extension tasks: How would you improve the outcome of this investigation? How could you extend this investigation? and what new questions could you ask? what might a year’s worth of information inform us of?

    Design a permanent rain gauge for your garden, for others to use to collect data.