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Class 4 - Year 6 - Pyrenees

Congratulations to our New Prefects

We now welcome three new prefects to our team: congratualtions to Caitlin, Eleni and Harmony who recieved their prefect ties on Friday 3rd November in Celebration Assembly. These were recieved as a result of the consistently high standard of work, positive role modelling and fantastic behaviour around school.

These children will now join Jack, Sam, Libby and Holly on the prefect team and will take on extra responsibilities around the school.


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Lady Seaward's New Classroom Site Visit

On Thursday 28th September, Class 4 were very fortunate to be granted permission to visit our new classroom! Simon showed us around and explained to the class where each room was going to be and how different materials were being used to support the structure and insulate the building. The children interviewed him and asked some very exciting questions which he was able to answer. From this, the children wrote up their interviews and created site plans, looking carefully at the original drawings that were conducted before the building work began, using their understanding of scale and ratio to support this.

Killerton House Quilting Project

Class 4 have been very lucky to have been involved with a project with the local community in which they designed, made and evaulated a quilt linking to the seasons seen at Killerton Orchards. The children were helped with the project by Gail who showed the children how to do basic stitching, as well as how to bond material to their quilts using an iron.

Following this, the children visited the orchards where they also took part in workshops, were able to pick apples and even try the apple juice made by the apples pressed on-site.

How would you design a sturdy shake tower?


Class 3 and 4 have been investigating how many buildings are now designed to withstand earthquakes. They have looked at their design and structure before having a go at creating their own model building from spaghetti and blu-tac. We then mimicked an earthquake (shaking the tables!) and looked at which group had the sturdiest tower...


Extreme Earth

Class 4 have been very busy already this term and have shared loads of interesting facts about our Natural Disasters topic. They have learned about the different natural disasters that we hear about and have collected data about which disaster each child is most interested in, plotting their results on bar charts. In addition to this, the children have written non-fiction texts about volcanoes and have used a range of different sketching techniques to create images of a range of natural disasters.

Autumn 2016 Class Newsletter

Class 4 is our new classroom with children from Year 6. We work closely with Class 3 especially for our topic work. Our teacher is Mrs Mugford.

Our topic in the Autumn Term is:


World War Two