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Class 3 - Years 4 & 5 - Himalayas Class

What an EGGcellent day!!

Thank you to the parents who came to our open morning on Friday the 3rd November. The children were given the challenge to safely land an egg out of the staff room window using a bin liner, string, sticky tape and a plastic cup. Using their knowledge and expertise about the forces of gravity and air resistance they began designing their parachute. Half an hour later, the parachutes were launched out of the window and tested.... They were a great success and lots of eggs survived! EGGcellent!

The children and parents thoroughly enjoyed this mission!

Exeter Ramm Museum - Art animation workshop

We were invited to Exeter Ramm Museum to take part in an art workshop. We had the opportunity to look around the museum for inspiration. Once we had decided our focus (mine was a jelly fish) we then created a stencil out of foam. With our stencils we then made prints which were inputted onto a computer to make an animation. Watch this space, the animation is coming soon!

Written by Macy Gayson, Year 5


Class 3 were provided with an excellent opportunity to go to Westpoint to find out more about farming in Devon, understanding the role of farming and its pivotal role in food production. They had the opportunity to learn where their food comes from first hand. They touched, felt and smelt how farms work! Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed this trip nominating at as one of their ‘best trips ever!’

From this visit, the children have completed some cross curricular learning activities where they have written up their experience from the day.

Our rugby trip to Clyst Vale


The following is written by Isaac (Year 5)

We took a coach to Clyst Vale and when we arrived we were greeted by a play leader who taught us how to pass down a line diagonally so we could improve our skills in matches. We also did two on one with the ball, which helps our side stepping, agility skills. After that, we played a match which was really fun because we had some game-play experience. It was a close match!

Earthquake tower investigation! How would you create yours?

The following is written by Amelia (Year 5)

We were designing structures out of spaghetti and Blu-tac to withstand an earthquake. We shook the tables to see whether they stayed up or fell over! Next time, I wouldn't make it as big because it wasn't as sturdy when we used big pieces of spaghetti. We had to re-make ours about five times because it kept falling over! We showed lots of perseverance and never gave up. 




Himalayas class have had an enjoyable few weeks back to school. They have shared lots of interesting facts about natural disasters and have discussed what they want to find out. We have linked maths and literacy to our learning. We began by collecting data about our favourite natural disaster, plotting these results on a bar chart and discussing the results. Then we wrote an information text about volcanoes trying to include a range of facts and subheadings. Come and have a look at our fantastic work on our classroom display!


Summer Term- France

As creative artists, we have been discovering French artists and their techniques. In particular, we have been exploring the work of the French artist Georges-Pierre Seurat and pointillism. The children have sketched the school building and then used cotton wool buds to create the pointillism effect. 

Heatree Activity Centre

The year 4 children had a fantastic few days on their residential this year. The children participated in a range of activities and had lots of fun and laughter along the way. Take a look at the pictures to see what we got up to.

Online Safety


The children of Class 3 and 4 were fortunate enough to have our local PCSO visit us to discuss internet safety. This session involved lots of practical work as well as learning about the dangers of giving out personal information. We all now feel very well informed and know how to keep safe online. 


Super scientists!


As part of our science learning this term, pupils from Class 3 and 4 have been carrying out their own investigations into how shadows are formed as well as how images are reflected. The children have extended their core investigation skills, learning about the importance of controlling set variables to ensure a fair test. The most recent experiment saw the pupils creating multiple reflections of objects using mirrors placed at differing angles. This optical illusion created great excitement and engagement from our budding scientists!

Aztec Architecture!


The children have started creating their very own Aztec houses and produced some wonderful Aztec artwork. We have used information gathered from previous lessons to build their houses in a style that they would have seen during the Aztecs time in Mexico. They thought carefully about the materials that they would use and some children even brought in items from home! It’s great to see that the children are so excited by their topic.